From Challenges to Solutions


Today more than ever, California homeowners are facing a number of frustrating real estate problems that seem insurmountable. Many brokers and realtors will claim to be able to help you in the hopes of closing a deal and collecting a commission check, but very few have the legal experise to offer creative, practical, permanent solutions that will benefit your financial future. 

  • Do you have equity in your home but can’t secure a refinance loan?
  • Do you need money to cure your default and get back on track?
  • Are you struggling to qualify for a home improvement loan or equity line of credit?
  • Is there an outstanding default or lien on your title that is making it impossible to list and sell your home?
  • Have you had a death in the family and don’t know what to do with the estate?

With our team of experts – there is no problem too big or too small. We’ll assign you a FREE legal liason who will:

  • Assist you in navigagting the complex issues and reviewing ALL the options
  • Be on-call to answer questions as they come up and be available when your probate lawyer is busy
  • Coordinate with you and your lawyers to translate legalese into English  
  • Review all property related contracts and agreements to ensure your interests are being protected
  • Assist in coordinating local tasks such as property inspection, safeguarding, clean out, moving and storage
  • Secure funding to keep the home as a residence or an income rental
  • Arrange a reverse mortgage reduction to create equity in the home
  • Advance repair costs and oversee contractors to increase the value of estate property
  • Arrange cash advances on inheritance for heirs and devisees
  • Negotiate lien removal and debt reduction to lower burdens that would otherwise drain money from the estate
  • Negotiate with creditors to lower the financial burden on the estate
  • Conduct a fast sale to a real buyer, not a wholesaler or quick flipper
  • Negotiate a short sale to generate money for the estate even if the mortgages exceed the value of the home
  • STOP ANY FORECLOSURE and secure the equity in the home

Don’t sign a listing agreement or a purchase contract before knowing all your options

Contact us (click HERE) and we can go over your options COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE OR OBLIGATION.